Web Hosting

A wide selection of web hosting plans that perfectly fits your needs. Perfect for blogs, corporate website, shopping cart and other types of website.

Domain Name Registration

Your website wouldn’t be complete without your own domain.  We provide domain registration for the popular domains (.com, .org, .net).  Check out our shop if your preferred domain name is available or choose from one of the suggested domains.

Website Maintenance

Too busy or don’t have right the staff to update your website? We can help you with just that, at a minimal amount paid monthly or yearly in advance, we will help you maintain your site. All you need to do is send us the materials and you are worry free. Send us a message to get a quote.

Web Design

We offer web design and web development, which are built through CMSes using  templated or customized designs.  Having a presence online helps your clientele find more about your product and services. Take the first and increased your revenue!



We offer desktop publishing such business cards, Identification Cards, Letterheads, Printed envelopes and other personalized prints.